• Trevor Doerksen

5 Tricks for a Germaphobe

We can all get a little freaked out with the airplane washroom, the seat back TV, food tray, or even just the door knob at the office. So what can we do? Fly private and wear a hazmat suit? Sure we can fist pump instead of shake hands, but what other tips from experts will prevent that next cold?

Here are some tips for people that know.

  1. Wear a hoodie with front pockets. The hood can be used as a dome of protection and the pockets are perfect for opening doors. Just dig those hands deep in the pockets and grab that door. Just remember, if you drop a cheesy on your hoodie there is no 5-second rule. We like the hoodies with no elastic waist, wide ties, and of course no brand.

Looking for a hoodie for warm days?

For women, get this lightweight hoodie for warm days.

And this cozy sweater with built in germ guards and dirty door knob handles.

2. Travel with hand sanitizer in your pocket on your belt loop.

3. Korean masks work great and look great.

4. Add small sanitizing wipes to your carry-on bag. That table tray, seat-back screen, seat belt - they all been touched by people that just visited those disgusting bathrooms.

5. BTW, never go to the airplane restroom without shoes, never put your face against that plane window, and always use a paper to open that door, flush that toilet, and turn the water on.

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